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Make 100 Colorful Birds Sneak Peak.

Sneak peek at another small bird painting for my Kickstarter make 100 project.

Been having a lot of fun painting these!DWe4ME8VQAArZWp.jpg large


New Works now available.

Some new paintings now available in my Etsy shop.





100 Colorful Bird Paintings/Kickstarter Make 100 Project.

This is my first Kickstarter Project!

I was 10% funded on the first day! & am truly grateful for that.

I have already started painting the birds and it’s been a lot of fun!

So I thought I would dust off this site and use it for updates and such too.




New Assemblage works available.

New Assemblage works now available.

Direct from the studio, just email for info.

Or via my Etsy shop.




New Decorative Wood Shelves

These fun and funky decorative wood shelves are now available in my ArtSkrap Etsy Store.

I made these using old left over wood, rusted bits, metal scraps, wood embellishments, nails and baubles.

These are very light weight, and ready to hang.

See store link for more pics and info.





New Paintings Available


These new paintings are available directly from the studio

contact if interested.

More images and info about each painting can be found here.




These little fences keep creeping into my paintings.


New ACEO’s Available

Here are some new ACEO’s that are now available in my Etsy shop

or directly from the studio.





“The Look Back”

“The Look Back”
12×24 Acrylic on Canvas
Ready to hang.

Available in my etsy store
Or direct from my studio, contact if interested.



5 Women Artist

International Women’s Day is today and I thought it would be appropriate to also call attention to the #5 woman artist campaign that is being shared over the internet.
So here are my ‪#‎5womenartist‬

Artemisia Gentileschi