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Month: February, 2016

Figure Studies.

I Love working on paper and doing figure studies. There is something about not worrying over “ruining” a canvas that is liberating.

The studies that that don’t make it, get cut up and used as price tags for my Artskrap products at shows and events.

The ones that do make it, are available for purchase.

They are all on paper, and have a border around the edges of the 8×10 painted image to assist in framing. These come unframed, and will need to be framed.

Available in my Etsy store, ebay, or directly from me wrosson@hotmail.comFS.



Belly Dancers!

New paintings featuring belly dancers now available in my Etsy store, or you can contact me directly if interested in purchases!



New Small Format Paintings Available in my Etsy Store.

Please click here to visit my Etsy store.new208



Feb. 5 – Mar. 25

opening reception Friday Feb. 5, 6 – 9 p.m.

garner narrative presents “Awkward”: works that are maybe a little uncomfortable, unanticipated, even revelatory. The creative register of a small step beyond the usual and the comfort zone.

Tim Crowder
Angie Reed Garner
Joyce Garner
MaLynda Poulsen
Bill Pusztai
Windi Rosson
Aleksandra Stone
Keith Stone

642 E. Market St.
Louisville, Kentucky 40202