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Month: April, 2015

Studio happenings. ..

What I’ve been working on lately.


Small works/studies on panels. 100 Art-O-Mat blocks. New animal/human morph assemblage  pieces.


Meanwhile this painting is still on the easel…trying to figure out what it wants to be.


Hello, hello, hi, hello. ..


This is one of the turtles that I showed a week or so ago.  Everyone had to say hello to it today as it was going across the yard.

Rain on Roses.

We had a week on rain, and some rain, then rain and more rain.

I live on a dirt road, so we pretty much go mud bogging when ever we need to leave.

I also have 4 dogs, which means the house and studio are full of wet dog smells and muddy paw prints.

My webbed feet don’t look nice in the new spring sandals I bought.


My roses started to bloom and it was perfect timing for the EBSQ “Raindrops on roses” Show.

Here is a sample of what I entered.


Here is a link to the show.

The rain stopped yesterday and this big bright thing showed up in the sky…I think maybe it was the sun?


Making room in the studio for new projects! These paintings will no longer be available after 4-17-2015

They are offered at substantial discounts.


Turtle invasion.

Every spring the turtles make a visit on the way to wherever they are going.  We have a few that live around the property too. Nice to see them again.


Busy studio…

Here is a peek at what I’ve been working on lately.
I will have some very exciting news to share shortly regarding assemblage artworks.


New assemblage piece. Painting commission with my assistant Fred. Reworking a painting. Custom bottle commission.