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Month: November, 2014

The Bird Lover

New Mixed Media Art Assemblage Doll.

Please visit the Etsy link to view more pics and information about this one of a kind artwork.



UAS Recovery

Airship I made from recycled materials for an art show.



All of my new mixed media-assemblage artworks sold this weekend.

Yay! I get to make more now. 🙂


“MIss Winters”

“MIss Winters”

Miss Winters is in charge of making sure the forest and woodlands are allowed to slumber. She also tends to the creatures that roam about, guiding them to food and warmth.

Altered Art Doll

Altered Art Doll

Recycled/Found Object/Original Mixed Media/Art Doll,
Recycled Barbie Doll, Ornamental metal piece, Acorn Cap, Tree Bark, Vintage uniform button, reused wood, beads, with metal and wood leaves.

New Landscape Paintings.

Set of 2 landscape paintings.
More pics & info in Etsy listing.
4x4x1 Acrylic on canvas.

#fineart #landscapepaintings #originalart



Fall colors.


Suzy Q

“I like the way your walk

I like the way you talk….Suzy Q”

New, Original Mixed Media/Assemblage Art Doll

Made from recycled baby doll, springs, spools, and other embellishments.

Shiny chrome finish.

For more pics/info see my Etsy Store.


Art-o-mat run 11/2014

Art-O-Mat is a company that takes the old cigarette vending machines and converts them over to vend art, instead of packs of smokes.

It’s a very cool idea, and I have been glad to be a part of it for a while now.

Hop on over to my Facebook page and you can see a few pics of the last run (100 small wood blocks) that I painted for Art-O-Mat.